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Luca de Salvia, creative director and film maker. I consult on design, art direction and film projects. I work with high end organisations, who are driven by design and innovation. I love things that happen accidentally, they look like mistakes but actually are a doorway into something new.
Bottega Veneta Thing Gucci Yves Saint Laurent
H Magazine | Blurred Lines Issue Graff H Magazine Beauty Film Showreel
Jacob Cohn Summer Beauty Blitz H Magazine | Blurred Lines Issue Johnnie Walker
Burberry Ciao Eden Burberry The Macallan
Night Drive Ferrari Deliquescent Jwf
H Magazine Splendour Ancient Greek Sandals Disarm
Tanqueray 10 Ancient Greek Sandals Fiat Ancient Greek | Digital Design
Sinfonia Digitale Traccs Rebrand H Magazine Time Bubble